Delivering effective Wellness and Reablement (W&R) support is the fundamental cornerstone of a successful home care service delivery to meet a client’s goals. Below are some steps which will assist you as a W&R supervisor when providing successful coaching to support workers within your organisation.

How to successfully support and coach staff  

As a supervisor, supporting your staff and spending time with your team whilst they are working with clients is a valuable way to better understand their role, and it is also an opportunity to meet clients.

Most of a home care support worker’s time is spent working alone in a client’s home or in the community – And, in certain circumstances, support workers must provide an immediate response to situations that may arise daily while working with their clients. Coaching is essential at the point of service delivery to provide the appropriate support as a supervisor.

When to coach staff in the workplace 

Training staff on a regular basis in the workplace is a great way to keep your team on track and to ensure coaching is successful. When coaching is adapted as a regular performance process within an organisation and not just when ‘something goes wrong’, acceptance of the process increases. As it becomes embedded in an organisation’s culture, the experience is welcomed and not met with fear, anxiety, or negativity.  

Instead, staff will feel supported and valued. Relationships and engagement between both staff and the supervisor are enhanced and will have an impact on the quality and quantity of ongoing communication between all participants. 

Tips for successful coaching

Follow-up after coaching

  • Provide sufficient time (but not too long) after the coaching session for the staff member to reflect and complete their section of the template.  
  • Complete your section and schedule a time to meet and discuss your feedback, staff member reflection and any actions as an outcome of the session. Give the staff member the opportunity to provide their feedback first, to ensure that the coaching was successful.  
  • When providing your feedback, acknowledge their reflection and identify where you agreed. Follow up with additional positive feedback and then observations made that didn’t meet the requirements of the role (if any). Together, discuss any actions required such as additional training, coaching sessions and or follow up with client.  
  • When an action/s has been decided, ensure a follow-up date is identified and follow through on the same. 

Download your free 3-page Coaching Session interactive PDF here.

Coaching Session template A4 PDF link


Essential steps for successful coaching
Coaching of staff is creating a shared understanding about what needs to be done and how, ensuring clients have the best experience possible when receiving support.

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