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Reframing Ageing

Here you will learn more about Wellness and Reablement, including:

  • Why is it important?
  • What are my responsibilities as a home care provider?
  • How do I adopt it and what steps do I take?
  • What is the evidence to support this approach?
  • What outcomes can be measured to know that it has been successfully implemented?

Resources for Home Care Providers

Here are some useful resources to help your organisation deliver Wellness and Reablement.
  • Making choices finding solutions cover
    Making choices, finding solutions
    This guide has been developed so people can make informed decisions when choosing assistive technology and home modification solutions. Review the eBook online.
  • senior lady with service provider
    KeepAble resources to download
    This page provides links to all our resources for download on one page. We do suggest reading the supporting articles however to gain a true understanding of the accompanying resource.
  • Group discussing Wellness and reablement implementation
    It’s time to get serious about goal setting
    For those accessing aged care supports, setting goals and planning towards achieving them provides the person a voice, making them and what they wish to achieve the focal point of the support being provided.
  • Guide to writing support plans
    A support plan provides guidance to clients and support staff so they can work together to achieve the client’s goals.
  • Support worker writing a report
    Preparing your annual Wellness and Reablement report
    Compiling your annual Wellness and Reablement report requires preparation and ensuring you have collected the right data.
  • Assistive technology clothing assistance
    Assistive Technology Essentials (Part one)
    The aim of this guide is to build awareness and knowledge among Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) service providers and the broader aged care sector of the benefits of Assistive Technology (AT) and the role it plays as part of a Wellness and Reablement service delivery approach with improved outcomes for older people.
  • Elderly lady getting out of a car
    Assistive Technology Essentials (Part two)
    Assistive Technology Essentials Part 2 is a guide for consumers, families, practitioners, and the home support sector that support them. Based on the best available evidence and extensive practice knowledge, this resource is a valuable knowledge translation tool in the rapidly evolving landscape of assistive technology.
  • group social support playing bowls
    Group Social Support – It starts with a conversation
    Initial conversations undertaken with clients need to explore how they previously socialised, what prevents them from returning to previous activities, how long has it been, and how they envisage their social network to look in the future.

Board presentation – Why ‘every opportunity matters’

From board members to volunteers, it’s important that all staff understand Wellness and Reablement. This presentation was designed by industry experts to help explain why every opportunity matters.

To view the presentation as a pdf with speaker notes, click on the graphic.

To download the PowerPoint presentation, click here.

Powerpoint presentation for organisations

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More content of interest for Homecare Providers

In our ‘For Home Care Providers’ section, we have a variety of information, tools, and resources you may find useful. Below is a sample of our most popular items. Click on a heading to view the article.
  • Elderly aboriginal couple
    Reablement and Diversity
    Wellness and Reablement approaches apply to people from all cultural backgrounds. It is important that the information they receive is culturally appropriate and understood by the individual and there are opportunities provided to optimise their independence and well-being.
  • Living well with dementia
    There are potential benefits associated with exercise, including helping people living with dementia to maintain or improve everyday function and independence.
  • Three older ladies taking a walk in the park in autumn
    Let’s talk Wellness and Reablement
    This approach known as wellness and reablement builds on people’s strengths and goals to promote greater independence and autonomy.
  • Assessor meeting client to discuss their plan
    A Wellness and Reablement approach – A cultural change
    Staff  at every level within the organisation need to view success through the lens of the consumer who no longer requires support or requires a decrease in support, as they have been assisted in gaining or regaining a skill or confidence to achieve their goal/s.
  • Implementing Reablement
    The implementation of short term Reablement support involves active assessment, goal setting, planning, positive risk taking, and a focus on outcomes.

Personal Perspectives

Read some more personal aspects of Wellness and Reablement. Click on the cards below to read more.
  • Elderly-couple-smiling-in-the-sunshine
    Personal story – Moving is good for us
    We all know moving more is good for us and the people we support. We know that we need to be more active but sometimes it can be difficult to get started. Sometimes it’s just about moving a bit more every day in whatever way works for each person. Take a moment to watch this great video about Sue and her determination to keep moving every day in a way that worked for her and has put her back on her feet. 
  • Support worker reviewing a clients support plan
    Small things can make a big difference
    An Aged Care Assessor went through some of the common everyday activities that Claire and her husband were managing in their homes such as showering and dressing. It was during this process that Claire and her husband realised that there were some simple things they could do using small items of equipment, that would make their lives easier.
  • Elderly man out walking in the city
    Getting out and about to reconnect
    After he stopped driving, Stan decided it was time to get some help to be able to reconnect with his family and friends using a mobile app and public transport. Read about his story here

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