Welcome to this bite-size professional development session, a part of the Stepping Back from Stepping In series.

Support Planning and Delivering Reablement Pt 2

Part 2 takes the learnings from Part 1 and provides an opportunity to spend time applying this knowledge through the development of a good practice plan.

Click the images below to download the presentation and the support documents

Pt 2 Module
Facilitators Guide
Assessment Summary
Planning Template

The Facilitator’s Guide for Part 2 and support documents will help presenters to deliver this presentation with ease. Just click the images above to download the PDFs and print them out to have a support resource when presenting. You can also use the links below to download the support documents.

Assessment Summary and Support Plan for Assessors – print out as many copies as needed.

Planning Template for Service Providers – print out as many copies as needed.

Feedback sheet – print out as many copies as needed. One for each group or one per person. We value your feedback and suggestions. Please have your group complete this sheet after each session. Keep one copy for your reference and forward another copy to KeepAble@ilaustralia.org.au for our continued improvement of these resources.

Feedback sheet
Case scenario example Assessor
Case scenario example service Provider

There are 5 different case scenarios for Assessors and the corresponding 5 case scenarios for Service Providers. Download all ten documents as a zip file here.

Download all the Part 2 files in a Zip file here.

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